Monday, February 15, 2010

A Weekend in Ojai

Our wedding anniversary is Valentine's Day and our favorite place to go is Ojai. We made reservations at this very cozy inn called Su Nido. The weather was bee-you-tea-full. One of the reasons we love Ojai is because you can walk just about everywhere. That means we can both enjoy a cocktail or wine and, because we are walking, there is no danger of getting popped.

Our room was upstairs on the left side

We had a nice lunch on Friday, and then walked around downtown and shopped a bit. We enjoyed a very good 12 year old single malt Scotch in our room in the afternoon and then had a great dinner at Bodee's. Saturday morning we played tennis, stopped by a little coffee place, and grabbed a muffin for breakfast.

The tennis courts

In the afternoon we took a long walk around town. First, we headed to the Humane Society Animal Shelter. A very nice shelter that was clean, spacious, and comfortable for the animals there. There were even a couple of horses. We worked our way through the oak trees along the walking/equestrian path back into town and headed to Bart's Books which is like the largest used bookstore ever. You can always get a book at Bart's. They have shelves outside, so even if they are closed, you can grab a book and leave fifty cents in the little black box outside. (there were a lot of places in Ojai like this. Boccali's had oranges and avocados outside and a little box to put your money in if you came along after hours)

The Humane Society Corrals

Saturday night we walked over to Suzanne's for dinner. A wonderful restaurant. Very attentive and the food was delicious. It was about a mile back to our room and a good thing after I stuffed myself with that triple chocolate cake thingy (I should remember the name, but I think I was in a diabetic coma at the time).

Sunday morning we played tennis again on the courts nestled under the oak trees. We went to the farmer's market with their fantastic assortment of great produce, handmade cheeses, and bread. Some actors live in this wonderful area and we saw a television actress at the market. We recognized her by her voice because she didn't look like she does on television.

After the market, we packed up and went home through Ventura. We stopped and had lunch at a Greek restaurant in the harbor .

At the beach

Cool railroad bridge

Taken with the camera timer. I about broke my leg climbing through those rocks to pose for the picture. Notice who was laughing the whole time.

Once back in our own valley it was back to gloom and overcast skies. The temps were cooler too. We thought we might be home in time to ride, but didn't quite make it. The ferrier was coming out today.

Our overcast valley

All in all it was a very relaxing weekend and a great way to spend the beginning of our 30th year together. We keep saying we want to make it out to Ojai in the summer, but time always gets away from us. Who knows, maybe this will be the year...
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