Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009

Working their way through the "natural obstacles".

Some people can be so rude

It was a beautiful weekend for riding. I went out for a short ride on Friday night. We're still working on those circles and bending.

Saturday we had a two hour ride out to the development. We did some trotting and loped the big square. We also just rode around.

Sunday we did a city farm ride. There is a lot of garbage piled up and we use it as a natural trail course. The horses are used to most of the crap we run across now. We need to do more work on loping side-by-side. Both horses get racy when we do an Dusty gets wound up and bucky. Ah, it's good to know there is always something to work on.

Monday we trailered out to the Kern River. We parked at the Horseman's Park barn and rode east along the river toward Lake Ming. It was a gorgeous day. There is a campground near the lake and the people were breaking down their camps to head back home.

The Mighty Kern River

Negotiating the Trail

Loping circles around a few big trees

And, back to the business of trail riding

A hawk keeping an eye on us (or looking for lunch)

A break for some picture taking

Isn't she shiny?

Oh boy, a chance to use our mounting block exercise!


A little girl at the campground came to get her picture taken

A favorite past time is to float down the deadly river

Cows on the ridge!

More of the river trail

Lake Ming a popular water skiing, boating lake

John & Jessie in the "Big" Country

No, No! Not that way. Can't you see the sign?

This fella was shootin' his own music video. That's a fiddle in his hand. I'm sure he'll be famous one day. Should've got his name.
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