Monday, August 10, 2009

Our First Trail Class

After the Matt Sheridan Trail Workshop, Ranae and I decided to try a Trail Class. We found an Open Show that had a Novice class and entered. Our horses did pretty good and we came away with a first and a third place. More importantly our horses got us around the course. Here are our runs:

Our First Trail Class

Some of the other classes looked interesting like Western Horsemanship. Not sure all the requirements, but maybe I can find out more about them.

A little recap:

Thursday we set up the trail course in our yard and worked on our exercises. Friday we took the horse out on a short ride. Saturday we took them on a six miler and got to work on a bunch of stuff. I was loping Jessie in a small circle. Sunday, before the show, we went on a quick one hour ride that included a lot of trotting. By the time Sunday evening rolled around everyone at our house looked pretty worn out.
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