Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Another Weekend

Is there a prettier looking horse?
I don't think so.

We spent our time on Saturday afternoon going over the last half of the exercises in RWC I. I'm hoping to video those soon. And, I hope she does them just as well as she did Saturday. We had not worked on them for quite some time and yet she did most of them very well. Smart and beautiful. I AM a lucky guy.

Sunday Ranae and I went for a 6 miler. It was hot and we went out to the city farm. I want to lope a mile straight. It sounds simple, but a mile is a long way on some of the trails we ride. I figure we'll work up to it. We were able to lope almost a half a mile before we ran into the bee hives that are stationed everywhere on the farm. She broke down once or twice but she's getting it. We'll go for the full mile on a long ride we are planning for this coming weekend.

Ranae had the day off today. She rode this morning and she is going to have both horses saddled and ready to go when I get home so we can go for a quick evening ride. Days are getting shorter and it will get increasingly difficult to find some workin' time.

My Gaining Respect on the Ground I video on Youtube reached 25,000 views and I now have over 80 subscribers. That's cool. I never thought there would be that many people interested.
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