Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our new trailer

But here is our new trailer. We bought it from someone moving to Florida. We think it was a pretty good value. It's big. It's 7'6" tall. It's the only used trailer I've actually been able to make an offer on in the last three months. All the others sold very quickly. We got it on Saturday and spent a good portion of the weekend cleaning it up and getting our old one ready to sell.

It is soooo much taller than our other trailer that we actually creased the top of it with one of the two trees we have to negotiate in our front yard. We were so focused on getting it through the gate, neither one of us looked up. We are such knuckleheads.

Anyway we will be styling it up to the Matt Sheridan clinic in June. The doctor says my problem is not cancer and won't kill me (good news), but time is the only fix. He said I could ride, so we'll see what happens. We rode three times over the long weekend. I'm a little sore. Jessie did well. Three weeks until the clinic...

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