Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday's ride was a bit of a backslide. We went over to the neighbor's arena and Jessie just wanted to hang out at the gate. She's got a bit of a stubborn streak as I've suggested before. It was a lot of work before she realized maybe it was easier doing something I wanted to do.

Saturday was filled with non-horse stuff and it was a relief just to get on and ride around 5pm. Ranae and I head on the usual circuit. We did some long trotting and even a little loping. When Jessie went off trail I just tried to make it harder for her and then put her back on the trail and make it easy.

Sunday we trailered out to the river. She got in the trailer pretty easily going out. We rode for about 2 hours along the river trails. At one point Ranae and I took off in different directions because we thought the horses were getting a bit too chummy. That was fun. We found a narrow ravine about 30 yards long and 8 feet deep to go through. She did well.

When we go back to the barn by the river we used their big arena and did follow the fence. We also did some loping. It was 94 here yesterday and it took longer than I thought, but I finally got a good sweat going on her. She's showing signs of improvement but I can't wait to get that nice, relaxed lope and have her respond to my direction changes. At one point, she sped way up and I sat deep to prepare a ORS and she slowed to the speed I wanted so I just kept going. She seemed to appreciate that I didn't stop her. It will be interesting to see if that was an "I got it" moment.

And, once again there was a lot of riding and I'm a bit sore. That's usually a sign she got a good workout too.
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