Monday, May 14, 2012

Our first 10 Miler of the Year

It's in the 90's here already which means the best time to ride is in the morning.  Dusty still has issues and Ranae was going to stay home and ride with our friend Susan, so Jessie and I headed for the City Farm on our own.

The City Farm is about 1 1/2 miles away and maybe 3/4 of a mile wide.  We rode through it on our way to the home of the woman I bought Jessie from.  It was an impromptu thing, and I hadn't called ahead.  I was just going to say hi if I saw her working outside.  I didn't.

Most of the ride was at a trot.  We did a fair amount at the canter when I could find some good footing.  Most of the roads were pretty hard.  Jessie was on alert most of the ride, although I thought she did well for being out alone so far from home. 

The ride stats according to my GPS were 10.77 mi over 2 hours 20 minutes averaging 4.7 mph.  That's a good workout for early in the year.

I am hoping to get another early morning workout in this week. 
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