Friday, February 4, 2011

Time to Turn to Social Media

They say there is power in social media. Let's see.

I HAD an opportunity to get a ticket to Road to the Horse in TN to see three of the best horseman in the country (well, one best and two pretty good). Tickets are scarce. The event has been sold out for months, but a friend of a friend had one extra ticket. In their efforts to prevent scalping, the RTTH people require each ticket to be registered to the person in the seat. We've been trying for three weeks to get a name change on her ticket to no avail. This is a terrible business model where a company sees their customers as either criminals or insignificant. I can completely understand the need to curb scalping, BUT there MUST be a system in place where one who is in legal possession of a ticket be allowed to transfer that ticket to someone else. What if a person breaks a leg or dies? Does that seat then just go empty? The Road to the Horse people got THEIR money. It just should not be this difficult unless the people you are dealing with don't care or are incompetent.
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