Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weekend Tidbits

Well, after writing about vaccination and worming schedules last week I went to the vet's to pick up the vacs and talk to them about Jessie's sensitivity to the flu vaccine. There were two vets in the lobby and as the senior vet was talking to me about trying to give the vaccine intra-nasally to reduce the risk of reaction the younger vet was nodding her head. Two "yes" votes - motion passed. Four vaccinations $127.

Clinton Anderson had talked about giving vaccinations in the chest muscle. I usually give my shots in the neck or rump so this area was new to me. When I asked the vet he shook his head and the younger vet in the background was shaking her head "no" as well. Two "no" votes - motion not passed. Their argument was the risk for a reaction and how the chest area is tougher to heal. I think the neck and butt muscles are deeper and that's why I like those areas. I've decided to give the two vaccines about a week apart and see if that doesn't lessen the reaction too.

The younger vet in the background was the one who discussed the fecal egg counts last time I was in and was a big reason why I changed my protocol. When I asked the older vet he said that he respected the science but was still leery about how it would apply to horses like ours kept in a dry paddock and fed alfalfa. He went on to say how much of the resistance to worming medications is being seen on pastured horses getting wormed every two months. We just don't do that much here in California. We never have wormed even four times a year. He suggested we still worm in the spring and in the fall. The younger vet had her head down from what I could see.

So, it's good to see they have their differences. I like seeing vets with differing opinions working in the same office. I think it offers greater options of treatments. It shows the office is open to new ideas. No, I didn't expect them to debate the issue in front of me. That would have been unprofessional, but I like that they have different philosophies.

I made it home from family obligations and errands in time to get some riding in. Jessie and I are working on a number of exercises. The tougher ones are a sustained back up, a slower lope, and rollbacks (cue the dramatic music - da,da donnnn). She's a very athletic horse but, like me in high school, refuses to apply herself. We worked on things for about an hour and I thought we had made some good improvement. We were planning a much longer ride for Sunday. The weather changed dramatically and the winds blew like this for about twelve hours. We decided it was a good day to stay inside.

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