Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Long Ride

Saturday the girls went to Tehachapi so, once again, Jessie and I were left to our own devices. The weather was beautiful, probably in the high 70's. I had a full canteen, a fully charged ipod, and a couple of dollars and we headed east.

We rode out to the arena and they were having another roping. We hung out there,
had a water, and watched the roping for awhile. Then we headed east again. We made it to Weedpatch Hwy. It had a nice wide shoulder and we rode north before turning back for home. All in all it was a three and a half hour ride (I stopped the timer at the arena) and we had rode just shy of 15 miles. We had done a couple of long trots and a number of 1/4 mile lopes. Jessie still seemed to have plenty of go in her when we got home.

Sunday's ride was less ambitious. We rode to the alfalfa field and worked on a number of exercises. The four days of consecutive riding has really helped. I think she was bending much better and was more responsive to my cues.

Rain is due this week. We'll see if we get in any work before the weekend. Here's a google map of Saturday's ride. We didn't follow all the roads, we just cut acroos the fields.

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