Thursday, July 31, 2008

Groundwork in the Morning - Ride in the Evening

We were able to get in about an hour of groundwork early yesterday. We've been working on the C-pattern and getting those hips all the way around. We also worked on sidepass against the fence, yielding, and, of course, desensitizing.

After work, it was so pleasant (for July) that we went out. It was just Jessie, me, and the oh-so-slightest breeze. We jogged out to our FTC pole and played with that for about 5 minutes (I've decided to work on this is in the smallest increments. Well, really, I guess one could say Jessie decided...) Then we jogged about a mile and turned back on the near side of the canal bank. The breeze was blowing the the six foot high corn (or silage) stalks and with the sun setting and the long shadows, I could tell Jessie was on alert. She kept her wits about her and didn't do anything stupid, even when we were passed by a group of stoner young adults (two on a bike) and their pit bull dog. We worked on opening a few gates at home although she was far more interested in stealing a few bites of grass every time I dropped my guard. We jogged a few circles each time and I got the feeling she felt that was a small price to pay.
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