Wednesday, June 18, 2008

There's Learning Spanish and Using Spanish

Back in 1988 Ranae and I vacationed in Costa Rica (it was our last extended vacation). I had had four years of Spanish in high school and had listened to these tapes for two months before we left brushing up on the language. I even listened to Spanish radio and watched TV to improve.

Even with all that we barely had enough Spanish between us to get by. At one point, I was on the phone trying to make hotel reservations for an impromptu trip to the coast. The hotel clerk/owner spoke some English and I was trying to use my Spanish. As I explained what we were looking for and when we were coming, if I didn't know the Spanish word, I just inserted the English word and kept going. To me it was working fine, but it must have been as annoying as hell to him because about three-quarters through our conversation he said, "If you're going to speak Spanish, speak Spanish. If you're going to speak English, speak English."

I kinda get the feeling that's what Jessie is telling me sometimes - "Speak to me in a way I can understand. Be clear. Be consistent." I respond be telling her, "Be patient. I'll figure it out."

We had another early morning workout. We traveled down the canal much more calmly. Oh, there were some half halts here and there, but we matriculated past the point of yesterday's exercise. I then brought her back and used the area near our access point to the canal road because it has the most room. We did some of the bending exercises, more side-passing, and backing up. We trotted back and forth in front of the entry way and she would try to duck out and head for home. I kept working her back and forth and she finally gave up and we did our exercises and headed for home. It's about 40 minutes worth of work and it's a great time. It is much cooler in the morning and very peaceful.
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